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This site is operated by photographer Colby Files and offers downloadable stock model photos for fine art compositors in the various digital art classes and groups that Colby belongs to. 

The galleries include both edited and unedited high resolution jpeg's ready for you to work your compositing and/or editing magic. Just extract the model and place on your background, or lay in your elements right on the model photo. 

*Important Terms of Service below. If you purchased a Standard or Premium lifetime membership in the past your same promo code applies. New content is added regularly. Some of the models are seasoned professionals and others are aspiring models.

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Largest stock model collection on the net. It's a no brainer if you are using model photos in your composites.

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Categories include: Beauty Head Shots, Conceptual, Dancing and Yoga, Fashion, Moody, Portrait Style and Artistic Nude

Growing collection of Textures, Elements and Backgrounds

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Models include both clean skin and beautifully tattooed skin art

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Published on the June, 2017 cover of Photography Masterclass Magazine. Model is Hannah Martin

Meet the Artist - Colby Files

After being introduced to photography during college in the late 60’s, Colby worked as a photographer for the college and local newspapers. During this time he created a monthly column that featured photo layouts and bio for college coeds, which became his introduction to photographing beautiful women. The photos were taken with black and white film and Colby also performed the darkroom tasks.

After college, living in an agriculturally based community, he was hired to photograph small towns, land parcels, and broadcast radio towers. That period of shooting aerial photography provided for a modest income and made the airplane payment. Photography played an important part throughout his working career until retirement in 2011. After retirement, Colby immersed himself in the art he now considers “more than a hobby, but not quite a real job”.

Colby's work has been published nationally and internationally, won dozens of contests, and received many other accolades for photography. His highest honor came when his work was published on the cover ofPhotography Masterclass Magazine.


HEY PHOTOGRAPHERS....Ever notice how most photographs start to look the same after a while? I mean, how many photos of models have you seen?  How many butterflies or flowers?  How many interchangeable landscapes?  How many near-identical "street photos"? With so many photographers out there, and with great cameras and editing software becoming more and more popular, the whole field of photography sometimes feels as if it's becoming repetitive in the extreme. 

Which is why I'm so excited to FINALLY be able to recommend something different. Something that can make your photography stand out. And even make you feel more excited about being a photographer than ever. It sure did for me and changed by editing style and photographs forever. I cannot recommend this enough.

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This changes everything.

Colby Files
PS: I can see this reinvigorating your love of photography (and real photo art) in a big way. The possibilities are endless, and can easily become the one thing setting you apart from all of the other photographers out there. 

Terms of Service

License and Policy: A royalty-free right to use the purchased item for any purpose, for profit or otherwise up to 250 units (sales). Sharing, or giving the images to anyone else is in violation of the license agreement and constitutes an immediate termination of the license for all past, present and future use of the images. While each photo comes with a commercial License up to 250 sales, the original photo copyright remains with Colby Files Photography. All photos must be edited/composited and cannot be used in its original stand alone state. Feel free to credit the original photo as Colby Files in your caption or description, but it's not required. Both models and Photographer are allowed to share or repost composites on their own social medias provided they credit the photographer and digital artist. Tagging or direct contact with the models violates privacy issues and is strictly prohibited and may result in termination of your license to use these images.