We offer two levels of membership; Standard and Premium. The Standard level allows lifetime full access to all content on this site except for the photos in the "Edited" gallery. For those who may not wish to do their own skin retouching and other fine detail to the model images, you might consider the Premium level, which includes the "Edited" category. Photos can also be purchased without any membership. Prices range from $10 to $20 each. Simply add photos to the shopping cart and check out when you are ready. 


Lifetime Full Access STANDARD Membership
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Allows unlimited downloads in all galleries EXCEPT the fully edited images in the "Edited" Gallery. 

reg. $249 SALE $124.95


Lifetime Full Access PREMIUM Membership
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Allows unlimited downloads of all content INCLUDING the fully edited photos in the "Edited" galleries. Consider this level of membership if you would like to start your project with a fully edited image.

reg. $349 SALE $174.96


Standard to Premium Membership Upgrade
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For those who already own a standard membership but would now like to upgrade to a PREMIUM membership level. 

reg. $129 SALE 64.95

Terms of Service

License and Policy: A royalty-free right to use the purchased item for any purpose, for profit or otherwise up to 250 units (sales). Sharing, or giving the images to anyone else is in violation of the license agreement and constitutes an immediate termination of the license for all past, present and future use of the images. While each photo comes with a commercial License up to 250 sales, the original photo copyright remains with Colby Files Photography. All photos must be edited/composited and cannot be used in its original stand alone state. Please credit the original photo as Colby Files in your caption or description. Both models and Photographer are allowed to share or repost composites on their own social medias provided they credit the photographer and digital artist. Tagging or direct contact with the models violates privacy issues and is strictly prohibited and may result in termination of your license to use these images. Book covers have different terms of service and can be read here.