Welcome to ModelPhotos4Sale.com

Model Shonda Notice** Feel free to tag Colby Files for the original photo in your completed projects (totally optional), BUT...for privacy reasons please DO NOT tag or directly contact the models. Thank you! 

This site offers downloadable stock model photos for fine art compositors, advertising agencies, or any other graphic artist who needs model images for their projects.

The images in the "Model Photo Galleries" are unedited photos shot with various models by Colby Files over several years. Most of these images have never been seen by the public or even the models for that matter. They are unedited high resolution jpeg's ready for you to work your compositing and/or editing magic. Just extract the model and place on your background, or lay in your elements right on the model photo.

All photos purchased here come with full commercial use license up to 250 units/sales. 

Moving forward, with each new photoshoot we will be shooting models more with the idea that the images might work in fine art composites. More full length body shots, interesting gestures and expressions, etc etc. Plans are in place to shoot more male models and interesting couples. If you have ideas that might make an interesting concept, please contact us and we'll try to incorporate it into a future photoshoot. 

New content will be added almost every day as there are literally thousands of photos to eventually get up on the site. Plus, we are currently shooting at the rate of about 8 to 10 new models each month. Some are seasoned professionals and others are aspiring models.

Purchase single photo downloads for only $15, or consider Annual or Lifetime memberships so that you will have continued access to all current and future content.