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Model Ariana

This site is operated by photographer Colby Files and offers downloadable stock model photos for fine art compositors in the various digital art classes and groups that Colby belongs to. 

The galleries include both edited and unedited high resolution jpeg's ready for you to work your compositing and/or editing magic. Just extract the model and place on your background, or lay in your elements right on the model photo. 

Also, now available are the "Textures, Elements and Background" galleries. Individual photos are only a few dollars each. 

New content will be added regularly. Some of the models are seasoned professionals and others are aspiring models.

Single photo downloads are available and range in price from $10 to $20 each.

License and Policy Update: While each photo comes with a commercial License up to 250 sales, the original photo copyright remains with Colby Files Photography. All photos must be edited/composited and cannot be used in its original stand alone state. Please credit the original photo as Colby Files in your caption or description. The models are allowed to share or repost composites on their own social medias usually consisting of Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat provided they credit the photographer and digital artist.